Self Registration

Self Registration (formerly called Social registration) is a Splynx add-on that allows customers to register themselves in the Splynx portal using their e-mail or mobile phone. Also customers can register and log in using Google+, Facebook or Twitter account.

If you want to use this add-on with social platforms - it is necessary to have API applications . If you don't have - you can read how to create them below.

To install "Self Registration" add-on, enter these commands:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install splynx-social-registration

or you can install it from Web UI:

Config -> Integrations -> Add-ons:




Login to the Splynx-portal via social networks appears on the portal page.


After Installation you have to configure add-on under Config / Integrations / Modules List.



You may enable or disable Entry Points. There are two entry points in configuration.

The first one provides ability to sign-in to Splynx-portal using social networks.


The second one provides ability of registration via social networks.


Edit URL of your server:


Enable social networks that you want to use:


You can enable TowerCoverage integration:


Change setting and press Save.



Customer needs to Enter required information, and press Sign In button.


Login customer to Splynx-portal

  • Login with Facebook
    If customer is not logged in Facebook, he will be prompted to log in into Facebook and then redirected to Splynx-portal. 21.png

  • Login with Google If customer is not logged in Google+, he will be prompted to log in into Google and then redirected to Splynx-portal. 22.png

  • Login with Twitter
    If customer is not logged in Twitter, he will be prompted to log in into Twitter and then redirected to Splynx-portal. 23.png

Information about social-network is stored in Customer / Information / Additional information in the field Social ID


How to create and enable API-apps in Google+, Facebook, and Twitter

Google API

You need a Google API Console project to integrate Google Sign-In into your Splynx-site. To create a Google API Console project and client ID, follow these steps:

  • Go to the Google API Console (

  • Select an existing project, or create a new one 4.png

  • In the sidebar under APIs & Services, select Credentials, then select the OAuth consent screen tab

  • Choose an Email Address, specify a Product Name, and press Save 6.png

  • In the Credentials tab, select Create credentials drop-down list, and choose OAuth client ID 7.png

  • Under Application type, select Web application Authorized JavaScript origins - URL of your Splynx-server Authorized redirect URIs - enter these values: 1) 2)


  • Click Create

NOTICE: If the customer receives this error message during registration or sign-in process, then add wrong URI (1), to Authorized redirect URIs list.


Reference: Google documentation

Facebook API

To integrate Facebook Login into your Splynx-site, you must have a Facebook API. Notice: Splynx-site must use HTTPS. It is required by Facebook.

  • Go to developers portal

  • Create App 13.png

  • In Select a product select Facebook Login (click Set Up)

  • Do not use Quickstart, use Settings selfreg_fb-use-settings.png

  • Enter Valid Oauth redirect URIs: 1) 2) 15.png

  • Click Save Changes

  • Go to App Settings / Basic, copy App ID and App Secret to Splynx

  • Enable App as Public (from App Review) 17.png

Reference: Facebook documentation

Twitter API

For Twitter integration, go to page Application Management -

  • Create New App 18.png

  • Enter application Name, Description, Website, Callback URL (, and click button Create your Twitter application 19.png

  • From tab Keys and Access Tokens copy Consumer Key (API Key) and Consumer Secret (API Secret) to Splynx

  • Go to Permissions and enable Request email addresses from users

    • *

TowerCoverage Integration