Google maps add-on (add-on is deprecated and no longer maintained)

Note: from Splynx v2.3+ the add-on splynx-google-maps- is not supported by our team. We've started using built in maps (OpenStreetMaps. GoogleMaps, BingMaps) in Splynx. Maps can be configured under Config / Main / Maps.

The maps is used to help you to find out where your customers, routers, and monitoring devices are located.

To use Google Maps, you can simply select it as the map type, set up the Google Maps API Key and save config.



You should copy and paste your Google Maps API key and Google Geocode Javascript API Key in the fields provided above.

If you do not have a Google API key, browse to the Google API portal ( and retrieve it from there.

How to create Google Maps API key












To view or display your map navigate to "Customers / Maps"


  • NOTE "For development purposes only" signatures on the map view are displayed because of our key we've used when configuring our map.

Coordinate pointers of your customers, routers, and monitoring devices can be viewed here. You can also apply filters to the map to only display items of you wish to view. Customer pointers have different colors, this depends on the customer status (new, active, online, blocked, inactive). You can click on the pointer to see additional information. Routers and monitoring devices can have only one coordinate pointer. But customers can have several pointers.

To edit customer coordinate pointers, navigate to the information tab of the customer, click on the "View/Set" button in the Additional Information section of the "GPS" field.


If the customer has a saved address, it will appear in the following window


  • Add pointer. Click on the map to add a pointer. You can click "Geocode" to find the address and place the pointer on it. You can only add one pointer at a time, if you need to add more then one - open this window again
  • Move pointer. drag and drop the pointer
  • Remove pointer. Click on the pointer and press "Delete marker"

After editing click on "Save" and "Close". The "Save" button saves pointers immediately. You don't have to press the "Save" button when returning to the customer's information tab

You can edit coordinate pointers of routers and monitoring devices in the same way.